Press Freedom Conference 2020

It all starts
with words...

About Press Freedom Conference 2020

It all starts with words…
Europe’s media are under assault and the attack begins with words. Journalists get attacked online, by politicians and by the powerful. And sometimes they are murdered. In between journalists are arrested, attacked, censored, fired, intimidated. It’s time to take a stance.

Let’s meet in Gdansk, Poland, at the second PressFreedomConference  

Save your Date! Press freedom conference is coming soon!
Join us in Gdansk, on 21/22 January 2020!

What is PressFreedomConference?
 Press Freedom Conference is a space to empower independent journalism, and to defend a free
media as a pillar of European democracies. At the Press Freedom Conference 2020, we will continue
taking stock of the status of press freedom in Central and Eastern Europe and discuss the challenges
posed by verbal and online attacks on journalists.

Attacking the press stifles public debate and ultimately threatens democracy and social cohesion.


150 media experts
from all over CEE
10 countries
30 speakers

Meet our speakers

Photo: Lars Møller

Lech Wałęsa

Lech Wałęsa is a Polish elder statesman, pro-democracy activist and union organiser who served as the first democratically-elected President of Poland from 1990 to 1995.

He was the leader of Solidarity (NSZZ “Solidarność”), one of the first oppositional and freedom-oriented social movements in the communist bloc, for which he was awarded the 1983 Nobel Peace Prize.

Jerzy Owsiak

The originator, co-founder, and president of the board of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation one of the largest non-governmental, non-profit, charity organizations in Poland. Owsiak is the main initiator and promoter for the group’s Grand Finale, an annual worldwide festival involving music and other components intended to raise money for the medical care of children as well as the elderly suffering from various medical conditions.

Meera Selva
Director Fellowship Programme, Reuters Institute

Meera is an accomplished senior journalist with
experience in Europe, Asia and Africa. She joined the Reuters Institute in 2017 and runs a programme
that focuses on the challenges of journalism worldwide. She has worked as a journalist in London,
Berlin, Nairobi and Singapore.

Galina Arapova
Director, Mass Media Defence Centre / Vice-Chair ARTICLE 19

Director and senior media lawyer of the NGO Mass Media Defence Centre (Russia). She is a trustee of the human rights organisation ARTICLE 19; Russian national expert on admissibility of the Council of Europe’s HELP programme (Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals).

Press Freedom Conference 2020

22 January, 2020, 9:00 ECS Europejskie Centrum Solidarności



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